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Digital solutions for process automation

Digital solutions for process automation

From big data to valuable asset

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics provides a digital platform with a number of packages and solutions for connecting machines and plants to the Cloud, allowing the intelligent management of data and transforming this into high added value information for customers.

Moreover, Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics creates end-to-end cyber physical system networks capable of incorporating sensors and Camozzi (or third party) components that easily integrate complex process data into enterprise management systems and into the Cloud. This process takes place through three phases:

  • Product digitalisation - the installation of sensors and processors into components and machines for the continuous monitoring of the essential parameters.
  • Data elaboration and processing through statistical analysis, model, tendencies, correlations and anomalies analysis, leading to a deep knowledge of the data and of possible manipulation techniques.
  • Reference modelling - producing performance reference models of machines to establish energy consumption, productivity and predictive maintenance parameters that enable continuous comparison with real time operation, anywhere on any device.

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics collaborates with leading technology organisations such as SAP, Microsoft, Siemens and ABB to create solutions capable of capturing significant volumes of production environment data which can be used to improve process knowledge, define automation control programming and enable effective and efficient intervention.

Camozzi Physical Cyber System

Device with sensor package

Real time data

Cloud data collecting

Data analysis and preparation


Predictive maintenance - Machine learning - Energy saving - Data analytics - Reduced total cost of ownership - Increased equipment productivity

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