Textile machinery

Complete lines of machines, components and digital solutions for the best performance in spinning processes

Marzoli, an Italian company with a long history dating from 1851, is today a leading exponent in the supply of spinning machinery. One of the leading manufacturers in Europe of a complete line of machines, it provides the latest generation plants, electronic control and management systems, with which spinning operations can be managed at maximum yield.

The synergies with the Group’s digital expertise and the latest technologies – cloud computing, smart sensors, industrial ethernet, machine learning, etc. – have allowed Marzoli to interpret the paradigms of Industry 4.0 and to develop two platforms for its customers for the informed and optimised management of the entire spinning process: YarNet and MRM.

This demonstrates the added value that makes Marzoli the ideal partner to help customers excel in the yarn spinning world for quality, reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

Thanks to a global sales and support network, consolidated experience in every type of fibre and application and expertise across the board, Marzoli is an experienced and reliable partner.


Opening Section

Openers & Cleaners

Mixers & Blenders



Combing Section

Draw Frames

Lap Winder


Lap Transport


Spinning Section

Roving Frame

Ring Spinning Frame

Integrated Transport System


Yarnet Marzoli- Camozzi 

One software for the entire spinning line

Easy and immediate monitoring of each machine

Modification and uploading of recipes

Power management function

Mrm Marzoli - Camozzi 

Continuous monitoring of critical parameters

Immediate warning in case of deviations from standards

Predictive maintenance

Modules for the optimisation of energy consumption and efficiency levels

Remote assistance by customer service