Students, Graduates and Researchers


We believe that the world of education and industry must work together in an increasingly interconnected way, to accelerate and make the transition into the world of work more effective. For this reason, we have an active relationship with many local schools and universities, aimed at contributing to our learning strategy and the identification of future skills. Internships and apprenticeships at our company are a result of these important partnerships and are offered in all company divisions, from production areas to research and technological development.



We offer an ideal ecosystem for the development of innovative ideas: from concept to prototype, to the final solution ready for application in the production world. In collaboration with our research and development teams, we provide the opportunity to carry out experimental theses and PhDs, both in our five divisions and at the Camozzi Research Centre. Through these programmes, undergraduates and PhD students can help define, together with our support, the foundations of the manufacturing industry of the future, using the most advanced Industry 5.0 models.