Camozzi Group approves consolidated results for the financial year 2023

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Milan, 6 May 2024 – The Shareholders Meeting of Camozzi Group, Italian multinational operating in industrial automation, aditive and subtractive manufacturing and in the development of mechatronic solutions for the smart factory, has approved the consolidated results for the financial year 2023.

  • Revenues of 560 million Eur (+5%), EBITDA of 105 million Eur (+13%) and net profit of 37 million EUR (+6%)
  • Exports accounted for 76% of revenues
  • Investments of 47 million Eur
  • Creation of the Camozzi AI business unit dedicated to the development of solutions based on generative Artificial Intelligence

The Group –  that this year marks 60 years of industrial activity – closes its financial year with consolidated results amounting to 560 million Eur, increased by 5% compared to 534 million Eur of 2022. Exports accounted for 76% of total revenues, while Italy – on its own – accounted for 24% of the revenues. At an overall level, the breakdown of revenues by geographic area was: EMEA - Europe Middle East Africa (excluding Italy) 54%, America 16%, APAC – Asia Pacific 6%.

EBITDA amounted to 105 million EUR compared to 93 million EUR in 2022 (+13%).

The net profit amounted to 37 million EUR, increased by 6% compared to 35 million EUR in 2022.

The Cash flow generated by the Group amounted to 98 million EUR compared to 86 million EUR in 2022 (+14%).

Investments amounted to 47 million EUR. A large part of the investments relating to innovation and technology concern a major expansion of the Digital and Mechatronics division, which has been equipped with a high production capacity line for electronic boards. Moreover, this division recently launched a new business unit – Camozzi AI – dedicated to the development of solutions based on generative artificial intelligence for the benefit of all the Group’s companies and the market. Equally significant were the investments destined for the development of the additive sector, that included the installation of a 3D metal printer, at the Lumezzane site, and two new printers using robotic technology at the site in Milan, where the Masterprint, one of the largest 3D printers in the world, is already operating.

The investments in Research and Development amounted to almost 3% of the revenues. Today the Group cooperates with 11 universities, 6 technological partners, 3 institutes and 4 Research Centres of excellence in order to study innovative systems in the fields of mechatronics, IIoT, robotics, 3D printing and materials science with a particular focus on the world of composites and of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Also the development of the Camozzi Research Center (CRC) is further evolving, located at the former Innocenti site, in Via Rubattino in Milan. The CRC is not only the research centre of the Group, coordinating also the Intellectual property of all its companies, but is becoming more and more a technology hub of excellence and a benchmark for national and international advanced research, offering the opportunity to students, researchers, institutes and professionals of the industry to experiment with the most advanced technologies in the world and launch projects of applied industrial research. Besides the existing joint labs, 2023 brought the renewal of the joint lab with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) with the aim of giving continuity to research and development activities in the area of handling and, more generally, in robotics.

Thanks to a multi-technological, multisectoral and matrix organisation and to an approach that is always focused on R&D and innovation, in the course of 2023 the Group continued to strengthen its business areas maximising customer orientation to 360°. If, on the one hand, Camozzi Group consolidates its product portfolio, on the other it pushes with ever greater determination on an increasingly distinctive selling proposition, thanks to its ability to engineer and develop customised solutions based on the specific needs of every single customer. This approach, which extends across all Group companies, is made possible by the high technological maturity that the holding company has consolidated in its 60 years of manufacturing experience. Among its strategic features, the ability to transfer and scale know-how internally is in fact proved to be a winning one; from one division to another along with the ability, ever more growing, to integrate hardware components with mechatronic solutions is an essential part of the manufacturing evolution towards models of Industry 5.0.

Furthermore, 2023 has seen another evolution in the sales strategy of the Group, thanks to the launch, on global scale – in the last quarter of the year – of an e-commerce portal through which the main products of the Camozzi Automation division are sold. E-commerce, constantly growing, along with an already rich variety of sales channels, is today subject of constant integration within the most significant industrial online sales portals.

If technological innovation and R&D continue to be essential drivers for the stability of the Camozzi Group, also the commitment to sustainability and safeguarding the environment never stops. Thanks to a huge extension of our photovoltaic systems installed at our sites in Italy, in 2023 almost 9 MW of power has been reached (+142% compared to last year). Altogether in 2023 the production of green electrical energy has increased from 2.888.922 kwh to 5.327.253 kwh (of which more than 75% consumed internally). The green energy produced and consumed by the Group companies has grown by almost 84% between 2022 and 2023.

The average number of overall employees is in line with the number of last year. 2023 also saw the creation of Camozzi LINK, the Corporate Academy – established with the aim to make processes of upskilling and  reskilling of staff easier, but also to sustain professional growth of people by means of detailed training activities of the so-called soft-skills.

Lodovico Camozzi, Presidente e Amministratore Delegato del Gruppo Camozzi, ha dichiarato:

The results of 2023 confirm, despite an extremely complex and uncertain geopolitical scenario, that the Group  continues to grow. Constant investments in R&D and in cutting-edge technologies together with the ability to anticipate the main technological megatrends and translate them into innovative solutions for the market are the levers that have always distinguished our approach to business. In these 60 years of industrial activity we never stopped placing constant attention to people and innovation at the centre of our strategies, because technologies only bring progress and value if they are at the service of man and his needs. The manufacturing industry faces enormous challenges and it is only thanks to the constant contribution of human capital that the profound transformations we are experiencing can bring long-term benefits to the communities in which we operate.

The Camozzi Group

Established in 1964, the Italian Camozzi Group is a global leader in the production of components and systems for high-tech industrial automation in the manufacturing, life science, robotics and mechatronics sectors. The Camozzi Group also produces specialist machine tools for the aeronautics, space and energy industries as well as operating across a variety of sectors from textile machinery to raw materials processing markets including composites, titanium and aluminum.

Continuous research and technological development are the basis of the Group’s corporate strategy which promotes constant innovation and creates added value for our customers. In addition, combined with the use of IIOT digital solutions and our commitment to social responsibility, they form the principles that inspire the entire Group.

The Camozzi Group is represented in 75 countries worldwide, has 38 branches, 3023 employees, 5 operating divisions and 26 production sites.