Camozzi Group

Established in 1964, the Camozzi Group is a global leader in the production of innovative components and systems for industrial automation. As an Italian multinational we operate in a variety of other sectors, ranging from additive manufacturing and machine tools to textile machinery and solutions for processing raw materials.

Looking to the future from solid roots

The Camozzi offering includes the creation of customised Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and solutions that utilise cyber-physical systems (CPS) for the digitalisation of production processes in which data are continuously processed to improve performance.

We produce world-leading machines of additive manufacturing with a focus on innovative materials including composites, titanium and aluminium.

Our in-depth knowledge of industrial processes and our constant investment in high-tech R&D allows us to innovate for our customers and support the evolution of smart manufacturing. We are advocates of the ‘Industry 4.0’ revolution. Our production management model is based on connecting both physical and digital systems, providing structured analysis of big data and enabling real-time management of industrial processes.


Operating Divisions

5 Operating Divisions


11 Companies


3.000 Employees


455 M Turnover


8% Investments

Research & Development

3% Research & Development


76% Export 

Subsidiaries and Service centres

38 Subsidiaries
and Service centres

Production sites

26 Production sites

“Every day, we work to develop technologies and products to meet the needs of our customers, paying special attention to their social impact and respecting the environment. The opportunity to lead the Camozzi Group is a great honour and a great responsibility”.

Lodovico Camozzi
Chairman and CEO of the Camozzi Group

Camozzi Group