Our responsibility, our values

Creating value for the future, a continuous and conscious undertaking

Creating value for the future, a continuous and conscious undertaking

Ours is an indelible imprint in step with the times

We are an Italian multinational company that is the market leader in the production of innovative components and systems for industrial automation and we are among the leading players in the integrated Industry Internet of Things (IloT 4.0) systems sector.

Our origins date back to the intuition of three Camozzi brothers (Attilio, Luigi and Geromino), who in Brescia in 1964 established the first company dedicated to the production of pneumatic components for industrial automation and then extended operations to many other sectors over the years, from textile machines and special large machine tools, to the advanced engineering of raw material working processes, in particular of innovative additive manufacturing materials (composites, titanium, aluminium), and the development of increasingly advanced smart-manufacturing technologies.

Our in-depth knowledge of the various production processes allows us to interpret the new technological market and social environments and, therefore, to guide our research and innovation related thereto towards new frontiers of greater productivity and sustainability.

Our strong vocation for technological innovation, which projects us towards the future of the industrial world, combines with our belief that “a company’s growth model is sustainable over time when its business objectives are pursued in conjunctions with social and ethical objectives” (Camozzi Group Code of Ethics). We have created a mandatory Code of Ethics for all Group Companies so as to adopt a harmonised behavioural model that may spread values and guidelines in the performance of our activities: compliance with the law, loyalty, correctness, efficiency in internal and external relations in order to create opportunities for collaboration, growth and development of the potential of all our stakeholders and of the environment in which we operate.

«We wish a prosperous future for everyone by confirming our commitment to achieving the common good and safeguarding our planet for us and for future generations».

Lodovico Camozzi
Chairman and CEO of the Camozzi Group

Creating value for the future, a continuous and conscious undertaking